A is for Aging, B is for Books...

Welcome parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians, writers, publishers and anyone interested in having more birthdays!

     A is also for Attitudes — I write books for kids and here I hope to tweak attitudes to aging in all life stages.


B is for Books!

Here you’ll find a showcase for “Positive Aging Picture Books.” 


You will read about older characters in award winners like Nana in the CityLast Stop on Market Streetand A River of Words. Multi-cultural titles such as Jingle Dancer, My Teacher, and Lillian’s Right to Vote. Also picture book biographies like Henri’s Scissors and Bon Appetit!, and classics like Miss Rumphius.

nanasmallHere at A is for Aging you will find older characters that remind us all–celebrating many birthdays is a good thing! 

You will learn truths about growing oldermuch of what we think we know is a myth or stereotype. That’s where the sick, sad, lonely, grumpy or forgetful characters* come from. (Along with the desire for a child protagonist.)

Negative stereotypes about aging are baked into our culture, and they’re harmful to our health and happiness. Many books for kids lead them to believe that old=bad or sad. It’s not their natural inclination, it’s us socializing them to believe it.

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Later life stages can hold many good things & happiness tends to increase with age.


*”Students often believe that what they read in books is true and right…a book may be sensitive and caring, may provide a wonderful lesson, and may be very enjoyable and still contain ageism or stereotyping.” 

Barbara M. Friedman, author Connecting Generations



C is for Change!

Let’s use Positive Aging picture books to change attitudes and show:

  • A diverse group of older adults with tremendous knowledge, inner strength & creativity
  • Skills & strengths created by years of experience
  • Valuable friendships between generations

Please join us in efforts to increase the diversity of older characters we show children:

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