A is for Aging, B is for Books...
A is also for Attitudes — many formed when we are young and affecting our happiness over a long life. Positive attitudes to aging and older people are a gift we can give ourselves, our children, and the older adults we love. Children’s books can be a vital source of those attitudes–which can affect the health of all ages!

Welcome parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians, writers, publishers and anyone interested in having more birthdays.

C is for Change! Let’s work together to—

• Select books for kids with respect and love for older adults in mind
• Talk with children to normalize aging and changing
• Avoid negative age stereotypes in both text and illustrations
• Highlight the gifts and strengths of older adults as role models

On my blog at” A is for Aging” I share Positive Aging picture books with older characters who show us the positives of living a long life. I share strategies and Intergenerational Resources we can all use to strengthen the connections between generations.

My mission is to help all generations see older adulthood as the valid and valuable stage of life it is. To that end, I am also writing books for children and actively seeking publishers for my manuscripts.

Need more convincing? Read “6 Reasons to Seek Out Positive Aging Children’s Books.”

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