Christmas Fairies for Ouma

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Christmas Fairies for Ouma from Familius Books follows the magical journey of a child’s card traveling 10,000 miles across the world to her grandmother in South Africa–from the hand of one kind stranger to another with NO name, no street and no stamps. Is it kindness or Christmas magic?

With gorgeous illustrations by Katarzyna Bukiert, hidden fairies on every page, and a heartwarming message of caring and connection, Christmas Fairies for Ouma shares Christmas joy and celebrates the love between a grandparent and grandchild.

That’s me–one of my first Christmases in America

And it’s based on our real-life family miracle!

“The story’s premise might seem fantastical, but in an author’s note, McDivitt mentions she and her sister Tessa, then Minnesota youngsters, successfully sent just such an unorthodox holiday mailing to their grandmother in South Africa.” Kirkus Reviews

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Did you know that a single act of kindness can set off a wave of kindness?!

Perhaps one reaching across the world—as in Christmas Fairies for Ouma. (Which is based on a true story of magical kindness helping a homemade card reach my grandmother in South Africa.)

Find an interview of Katarzyna Bukiert here on the blog.

Art by Katarzyna Bukiert

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Merry Christmas!! Lindsey

P.S. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get a lift, a spark of happiness, from receiving real mail in their mailbox.

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              Reviews of Christmas Fairies for Ouma:

Warm holiday fun with a charming international flavor. (Information about South Africa, fun facts about South African Christmas celebrations) (Picture book. 4-8)” Kirkus Review 

Art by Katarzyna Bukiert

—(from Marianne Richmond, bestselling author of I Love You So…& author of more than 70 titles. Nine million copies sold.) “Christmas Fairies for Ouma is a sweetly crafted Christmas book that invites readers to believe in the joy, magic and kindness of the holiday season. The story’s expansive vocabulary and endearing artwork take readers on a whimsical journey showing that love and connection are the best gifts of all!”

—(from Nancy Shaw, author of the beloved Sheep in the Jeep series.) “A hand-drawn card–without a street address or stamps–travels 11,786 miles and somehow reaches the right grandma. Did fairies have anything to do with it? Lindsey McDivitt mixes acts of kindness and varied cultural backgrounds into the tale, which is based on an actual family happening.”

—(from Artist Kayla Harren, award winning illustrator of A Friend Like You, A Planet Like Ours and many others) “Christmas Fairies for Ouma is sure to inspire kindness and hope in young readers. I love how this story, infused with magic and love, celebrates the power of art. The journey of Tessa’s handmade card is a heartening reminder that there are good, helpful, compassionate people all over the world.”

—(from Molly Beth Griffin, author of Ten Beautiful Things and The Big Leaf Leap) “Christmas Fairies for Ouma celebrates the far-reaching love between a grandmother and grandchild, and the small acts of kindness that add up to real-world magic. The red line that follows Tessa’s letter from America to South Africa through these pages is so much more than the yarn that knits Tessa’s mittens—it is the thread of goodwill that connects person to person across miles and seasons. Each person who decides to pass Tessa’s letter along has felt the kindness of another, and so her card for Ouma travels on that current of kindness despite having no name, no street, and no stamps. Sometimes, the book reminds us, love is enough.”

—(from Michelle Schaub, author, Kindness is a Kite String: The Uplifting Power of Empathy) “This sweet story of one letter’s miraculous journey propelled by kindness warmed my heart!”

—(from Leslie Helakoski, award winning author of Are Your Stars Like My Stars?) “A heartwarming Christmas miracle–my favorite kind.”

—(from Helen H. Wu, author of Tofu Takes Time and Long Goes to Dragon School.) “A heartwarming and magical journey of spreading kindness and connecting with loved ones across the world.”