Please contact me if interested in presentations similar to those described below.

"Nana in the City" by Lauren Castillo

“Nana in the City” by Lauren Castillo

Presentation titled “What do we really know about growing older?” 

I’ve discovered that a Power Point presentation using images from Positive Aging picture books has an amazing impact on adults of all ages. I include up to date information and research on ageism and myths and truths around aging. I also share important older role models.

Recently I presented this program to several classes in their second year of nursing school and also a college “Lifetime Psychology” class. I enjoyed 90 minutes of terrific participation and discussion. I would love to do that again!

I’ve conducted study groups for adults entitled “A is for Aging: Changing Attitudes to Aging One Child at a Time”. We explore our own attitudes to aging as we examine the messages in a variety of children’s picture books. We discuss the effects of ageism on readers young and old along with strategies for talking about growing older with kids in positive ways. Please contact me if interested.

"Henri's Scissors" by Jeanette Winter

“Henri’s Scissors” by Jeanette Winter

I’ve also presented on Children’s Picture Books as Anti-Ageism Tools in settings for older adults, and plan on expanding on this theme in other settings.