Resources to spark your creativity

P1000659Perhaps you’re not quite ready to dye live kittens in pastel colors after reading Bottle Houses: The Creative World of Grandma Prisbrey, but it may spur you to get in touch with your creative side. Reading about real life Grandma Prisbrey’s treasure hunts or Mrs. Muddle’s Holidays you will be tempted to charm a child with no-bake bird’s nest cookies in honor of “True Spring Day” or tackle Quikrete stepping stones together this summer. Adorn them with shiny “found objects” ala’ Grandma P. after reading the book together.

My own small project involved sea shells collected over many years, but recently I learned my “shell wall” in St. Paul, Minnesota is slowly dropping its bounty to the sidewalk since “the shell lady” moved away (I told you I’m aiming for just a little eccentric.) But I was touched to hear they are being collected and “treasured” by a young friend up the street.

My next venture? Tomorrow I’m off to Ann Arbor’s famed Treasure Mart. I’m seeking a unique “treasure” no longer wanted by another local, but hopefully just perfect to transform into a Little Free Library. I spotted two on the streets of St. Paul on a visit just last week. Perhaps one is coming to your neighborhood–can you imagine a Little Free Library stocked with “positive aging children’s books?” I can.  More on this exciting creative collaboration soon!

Is there an older adult in your life (or neighborhood) who might get a boost from involvement in a creative endeavor? Tell them about the NEW directory on the website of the National Center for Creative Aging. The directory features arts programs serving older people and also intergenerational activities in urban, suburban and rural communities in many types of settings, and it’s very easy to use.

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