21 Positive Aging Picture Books—Gifts for All Ages

Miss Rumphius

Any child on your holiday shopping list would both enjoy and benefit from the gift of a Positive Aging picture book, but consider…

If you gift one to an older adult such as a grandparent or older neighbor you are spreading the love, and the “word” about the Power of Positive Aging.

Consider a beautiful picture book for adults of ANY age. Encourage older and younger to read them together and share a conversation about all the good things in life as we age and mature–to perfection!

Here are some of the Positive Aging picture books that reached the top of the stack in 2013. (Click on the title for more information.)

  • For grandparents celebrating a momentous wedding anniversary—Fancy Nancy: Bonjour Butterfly by Jane O’Connor, illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser.
  • For a great grandfather, or any elder whose experiences or memories you treasure—    The Matchbox Diary by Paul Fleishman, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline.
  • For a fun loving grandmother who lives far away—Here Comes Grandma! by Janet Lord, illustrated by Julie Paschkis.
  • Or for any older man who has taught you a valuable skill– Crouching Tiger by Ying Chang Compestine, illustrated by Yan Nascimbene.
  • For an older adult whose inner strength you admire (don’t keep it a secret!)—Grandmama’s Pride by Becky Birtha, illustrated by Colin Bootman.
    • For a grandmother raising her grandchild—My Abuelita by Tony Johnston.

There are many more excellent Positive Aging picture books on my Resource List—take a peek hereand for fabulous children’s books reviewed by other bloggers–see this post.

Please consider sharing this list with others. Thanks!

I’m thinking we need more picture books with interesting older men—grandfathers or not. Also, more of BOTH grandparents interacting with kids. Please let me know of any YOU like—either comment here or via email.

I am taking a blogging break during the holidays–out of internet reach much of the time, but will get back to you as soon as possible…

Meanwhile, I’m wishing you and yours a Peaceful and Beautiful Holiday Season!

All the very best,


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