12 to Share–Celebrations and Challenges at A is for Aging

Boy in Red T-Shirt with Two Thumbs UpI’m celebrating an anniversary—I just passed the one year marker of blogging on Positive Aging picture books. Woot! I’m one year older and wiser (how about you?) and I’m feeling more positive about the representation of aging in picture books than I did starting out.

My search yielded many picture books sharing beautiful visions of older adults and the lives they live. Sure, I still stumble onto some huge disappointments, but it seems there are publishers not only putting out books free of age stereotypes, but also some showcasing interesting older adults.

The most popular 2013 book reviews:

I’m also encouraged by the interest of my wonderful readers—a tremendously eclectic mix–mainly dynamic older adults, professionals in the field of aging, active grandparents nurturing young people, dedicated folks working with older adults, and some fellow writers and even a few publishers…

Here are the most read “A is for Aging” blog posts of 2013:

  • For writers—my guest post on Cynsations (this link takes you to the blog of author Cynthia Leitich Smith).

In 2014, exploring additional ways to promote Positive Aging picture books will be a focus. They’re not much help challenging ageism when sitting placidly on those shelves. I plan to collaborate with my local libraries for Grandparents Day and also set up a Little Free Library in an under-served neighborhood. I’m always interested in ways to promote inter-generational understanding–your ideas? Perhaps you’d like to actively promote Positive Aging books?

Check out some promotional ideas I blogged about this past year:

The very first Little Free Library honoring Esther Bols.

The very first Little Free Library honoring Esther Bols.


And here’s a personal favorite post that will bolster your resolve to jump on the bandwagon, I promise.—    As We Age: The Power of Our Beliefs.  

Please check out any post you may have missed and consider sharing it with someone. Sharing my posts—both blogs and on Facebook is another way of spreading the word and challenging ageism. 

Silly Frilly GT cover





My New Year’s resolutions for 2014:

  • Coming soon—a “tag cloud” on my website and blog making it easier to spot a specific topic—creativity for example, or leaving a legacy, or older role models.
  • Watch for A is for Aging memes on Facebook—those little posters with a photo, a jaunty quotation and A is for Aging stamped right on it—perfect for sharing to increase readership in 2014.
  • Tackle the twitter sphere—you can teach older dogs new tricks right?
  • Promote my efforts for A is for Aging on Pinterest—take a peek.

familyTogether we can chip away at age stereotypes. Thanks for your help! By focusing on children we are literally “nipping it in the bud!”

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2 Responses to 12 to Share–Celebrations and Challenges at A is for Aging

  1. Lindsey – Congratulations on your one year bloggoversary!

    I love your blog theme and I am sure there will be a slow but steady rise in the number of books containing a positive representation of aging.

    Perhaps you would be interested in reviewing Alayne Kay Christian’s book “Butterfly Kisses for Grandma and Grandpa” (Blue Whale Press, LLC) which received the Mom’s Choice Awards gold medal and an IPPY Awards silver medal. Alayne is a talented writer and a lovely, generous person. I am certain she would be a wonderful person to feature at A is for Aging, B is for Books!


    • lindseymcd says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by Cathy and for your kind and helpful comments! I will most definitely look for “Butterfly Kisses for Grandma and Grandpa.” I’m wanting more picture books featuring both grandparents–sounds good. Happy writing to you in 2014!

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