Upcoming Events:

March 9, 2023, 11:00 am CST. Ageism in Picture Books; Online PEN America event.

March 21, 2023; Edinbrook Elementary school visit, Minneapolis, MN.

March 24, 2023; Weaver Elementary school visit, Maplewood, MN.

April 1, 2023, 1:00 pm EST. The Life of Gwen Frostic: Art, Business & Nature Coincide. Lorenzo Cultural Center, Macomb College, Clinton, Mich.



I love to do presentations for young people on topics related to my non-fiction picture books, the writing process for picture book biographies and using figurative language to spice up our writing. (I’m open to both in-person & virtual presentations.)

A Plan For The People Nelson Mandela's Hope For His Nation

I also enjoy addressing adult audiences and older youth on the topics of: 

“What do we really know about growing older?”

and “Let’s Nip Ageism in the Bud: Older Role Models in Picture Books.”

—I’ve presented this program to second year nursing classes and university “Lifetime Psychology” classes. It is a Power Point presentation using positive and accurate images from children’s picture books with an amazing impact on all ages. I share myths around aging, important older role models and current information and research on ageism. 90 minutes of presentation, terrific participation and discussion.

****Please contact me if you’re interested via Contact page on this website.

Lindsey spoke with our campers about what inspired her to create books for young readers and shared some of her process and tips for writing non-fiction text. She very graciously answered all of their questions about President Ford and about her career as an author. Our campers left with information and inspiration!” -Clare Shubert
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation

Let’s Nip Ageism in the Bud: Older Role Models in Picture Books: Online conference–University of Iowa Aging & Longevity Studies Program.

Negative stereotypes about aging are “baked into” our culture and research tells us they can affect both health and happiness as we age. Children’s picture books provide powerful opportunities to transform what we teach children about growing older. A picture book may be beautiful and enjoyable, but can contain art and text that plant the seeds of ageism in the young. (90 minutes)