I love to do virtual presentations on topics related to my non-fiction picture books, the writing process for picture book bios, figurative language, and also around “Images of Aging in children’s books.”

Please contact me if you’re interested. Perhaps peek at those described below.

“This summer, Ms. McDivitt joined our Tomorrow’s Leaders Virtual Camp as a very special guest speaker. All of our campers (ages 9 through 12) had been sent a copy of her book, “Truth and Honor: The President Ford Story” prior to her visit. They were very excited to read it and then have the opportunity to interact with the author!

Lindsey spoke with our campers about what inspired her to create books for young readers and shared some of her process and tips for writing non-fiction text. She very graciously answered all of their questions about President Ford and about her career as an author. Our campers left with information and inspiration!” -Clare Shubert
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation

March 1, 2021; 8 pm EST: Picture Book Salon virtual panel presentation “Writing from Curiosity: Creating Picture Books from Personal Passions.”

February 15, 2021; 6 pm EST: Truth and Honor virtual book talk at Bookmarks, Winston-Salem, NC with Mike Ford, son of President Gerald Ford.

December 12, 2020: Virtual Author Festival, Georgetown Public Library, Michigan. Presentation on spicing up non-fiction with figurative language. Focused on Nature’s Friend: The Gwen Frostic Story and Truth and Honor: The President Ford Story.

October 21, 2020: St. Stephen’s School, Grand Rapids, MI. 30 minute Q & A on writing and Truth and Honor with 3rd and 4th graders.

Access numerous recorded learning opportunities with the author and illustrator at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum website. Includes TV panel with Steve Ford & Mike Ford, sons of President Ford; teacher’s guide and more.

WPHM Radio podcast (and others)   Link:

Let’s Nip Ageism in the Bud: Older Role Models in Picture Books:

September 17th, 2020. Online conference–University of Iowa Aging & Longevity Studies Program.

Negative stereotypes about aging are “baked into” our culture and research tells us they can affect both health and happiness as we age. Children’s picture books provide powerful opportunities to transform what we teach children about growing older. A picture book may be beautiful and enjoyable, but can contain art and text that plant the seeds of ageism in young. (90 minutes)

My newest book is A Plan for the People: Nelson Mandela’s Hope for his Nation. (Available for pre-order. Releasing March 30, 2021.)






Truth & Honor: The President Ford Story (Sleeping Bear Press; July 2020)





My picture book:  Nature’s Friend: The Gwen Frostic Story

(Sleeping Bear Press; July 2018)

—Presentations for both children and adults

—Themes may include accepting differences, persistence, overcoming disability, nature and the environment, art, and strong role models for girls.





Presentation: “What do we really know about growing older?”

A Power Point presentation using positive and accurate images from children’s picture books has an amazing impact on adults of all ages. I share important older role models and current information and research on ageism and myths around aging.

I’ve presented this program to second year nursing classes and university “Lifetime Psychology” classes. 90 minutes of presentation, terrific participation and discussion.


Study groups for adults entitled “A is for Aging: Changing Attitudes to Aging One Child at a Time”. We explore our own attitudes to aging as we examine the messages in a variety of children’s picture books. We discuss the effects of ageism on readers young and old along with strategies for talking about growing older with kids in positive ways. Please contact me if interested.


I’ve also presented on Children’s Picture Books as Anti-Ageism Tools.