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Grandmama’s Pride: A Tool Against Both Racism and Ageism

The search for a true “positive aging” picture book is much like picking through a lovely box of chocolates—so many appeal at first, but then disappoint upon further “investigation.” But with Grandmama’s Pride, by Becky Birtha, there is no such … Continue reading

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Six Reasons to Seek Out Positive Aging Children’s Books

Our culture bombards kids with negative stereotypes of older adults in a variety of media and these stereotypes do affect their beliefs at a very young age. (Read more.) Young children actually act on ageist beliefs according to researcher Sheree … Continue reading

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A Respected Elder

Crouching Tiger by Ying Chang Compestine  is the rare picture book that shows a grandfather imparting a valued skill to his young grandson. It is a quiet, contemplative book, similar to the gentle martial art of tai chi that it … Continue reading

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100 Books for 100 Years

I’m meant to be reading a novel for one of the two book clubs I belong to, so naturally I’ve been reading more children’s books. I came across a colorful, creative book that details ideas for kids to celebrate their … Continue reading

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