Truth and Honor: The President Ford Story

Truth and Honor: The President Ford Story was published for ages 6-10 by Sleeping Bear Press on July 14th, 2020, President Gerald R. Ford’s birthday. It’s illustrated by award-winning artist/illustrator Matt Faulkner.

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When Gerald Ford became president after the turmoil of the early 70s, Americans were ready for an honest, hardworking politician. And that is just what they got with President Ford. He was a man of integrity and honesty who cared deeply about all Americans.

His life, tougher than some and filled with character-building lessons, prepared him for the job–from his childhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to his days on the University of Michigan football team and in the Navy, to his many years representing the Great Lakes State in congress.

In Truth and Honor learn what made Gerald Ford the right man for the job. Back matter includes a letter from President Ford’s children and a timeline of his life.

School Library Journal review: McDivitt presents an informative, insightful biography of former president Gerald Ford. The text traces Ford’s life from his humble beginnings in Grand Rapids, MI, to the Oval Office. Throughout the narrative, the text emphasizes how Ford’s life prepared him to take over the presidency during the turmoil of Richard Nixon’s resignation… VERDICT McDivitt and Faulkner offer a tribute to President Ford, spotlighting his experience, character, and values. A recommended addition to biography collections.


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ISBN  978-1534110625

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Video series–Author Lindsey McDivitt is interviewed about her writing process for Truth and Honor: The President Ford Story by Clare Schubert, program director for The Gerald R. Ford Foundation. This series is specifically for young readers.

author video-1 Writing Non-fiction Stories

author video-2 Start Writing, then Revise, and Revise Again

author video-3 Jazzing Up the Facts in Non-fiction Writing

Video series– Illustrator Matt Faulkner is interviewed about his process creating the book’s artwork by Clare Schubert, program director for The Gerald R. Ford Foundation. This series is specifically for young readers.

video 1–Cover art for The President Ford Story

video 2–art for Gerald Ford’s childhood & college years

video 3–illustrations of Gerald R. Ford in the military

video 4–artwork of Gerald R. Ford in Congress

video 5–illustrations of President Ford

Access all eight educational videos here along with a TEACHER’S GUIDE (Sleeping Bear Press) and additional Digital Student Resources. Includes a TV panel discussion with Steve Ford & Mike Ford, sons of President Ford. (Videos produced by the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation.)